Cook-It-Yourself Of Pho
When you or your family in the mood of having a hoi bowl of Pho 99 but you just don't want to go outl? Let do so. without yielding the fresh, tasty of Pho 99 as if served at our restaurant Just a few simple cook – it -youself steps. You will have a mouth-watering bowl of Pho to enjoy in the comfort at your home.
Firstly. choose what kind of Pho 99 you like the best in our menu-to-go (always avaiaWe at our front counter - please take one home when you eal-out at our restaurant), or just call to let us know the Item Number of Pho. Remember to ask for the fresh, un-cooked noodle, it is more fresh for your bowl of Pho.
Use chopsticks to lift up the noodles so the hot water steam will vaporize to let the noodles soft, dry and un-sticky to one another
Use chopsticks to stir up noodle and use a filter to empty the hot water out of the noodle after 15-30 seconds (depends on how soft you want your noodles). (Put sprouts in a bowl and pour the extra boding water on it. empty it the same way you do with noodles).
Put the noodles into a big bowl, arrange the meat nicety on top of the noodles and put chopped scallions and coriander
Secondly, empty the container of soup into a small pot and boil it. Please don't let it boiling long and turn down the heat when it is going to boil so keep the soup clear and fresh At the same time, boil some hot water in a pot . Make sure the water is well boiled.
Finally, pour the boiling soup into the bowl, add fresh sprouts, hot sauce, lemon and to your taste and you are now enjoying a fresh, tasty bowl ofPho99
While boiling water, you can empty the fresh noodle in a bowl and pure hot boiling water until if cover the noodles. Be careful! It s hot! (If you prefer cooked sprouts, please cook boil some extra water for that.)
Remember, arranging a bowl of Pho to look good will increase the taste and your satisfaction not only to your tongue but also to your eyes. That is the art of enjoying a bowl of Pho 99.

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