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Food connoisseurs and adventurous diners now are have recognized the ranking of Vietnamese cuisine


Prepared with a variety of ingredients Vietnamese dishes usually set a balance between nutrition and healthy diet .. either rich , delicate or spicy Vietnamese dishes always arouse your appetite whit their delectable aroma and taste .enhanced further from fanciful cooking techniques of the Chinese oriental and the French occidental , the Vietnamese culinary art opens accomplished Vietnamese chefs to a vast challenge of skill and creativeness.

At Pho 99, we maintain to achieve the best possible cooking of the Vietnamese food. Our experienced chefs personally inspect the cut and the freshness of ingredients .technique nuance for each dish is strictly observed , either the spices to marinate the heat to grill , or the sauce to stir fry . and it becomes the constant challenge to our proud chefs  to introduce creative dishes regularly. Because, at Pho 99, it's our aim to be the pro. And you can be assured that the food you order here will always be the most attentively prepared that a Vietnameses gourmet chef would wish to achieve.

Pho has been famous for its taste and at the same time appreciated as a wholesome, nutritious meal. It has all the qualities a health conscious eater would look for : fresh, natural and ... always, delicious! To appreciate Pho requires more than just loving to eat it, one would need to "know" every thing about its preparation. A good bowl of Pho is one that meets 3 criteria: Aroma, Taste, and Look.

Aroma of Pho is unique, tantalizing and distinct from afar. It is a combination of all dried and fresh spices embodied in the cooked beef, and led to the nostril by the grilled ginger, onion and minced scallion.

Taste of Pho is even more special, deriving mainly from the broth, good Pho broth carries the luscious taste by cooking at controlled temperature the right amount of salt, supar, other spices, and various choices of beef cuts. Appetizing Pho broth has a fatty dash but not greasy, and needs to be sampled prior to eating, like sampling the taste of good wine.

Look of fine bowl of Pho needs also to bring out the wholesome and elaborate look and indication of the delicate and sanitary process of preparation, cook and presentation...on pho99 customer , who also happens to be a food critic , has said , " ...enjoying a bowl of pho produces a smug feeling of having partaken of something as healthy as it is delicious " ..At pho99, you won't just enjoy this consistent flav our that our chain always strives to preserve  ; you will actually experience how pho should taste ...At it's best !

Why don't you judge it for yourself? Enjoy your meal!

Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House

Address: C-T Restaurant Corporation,#125 - 19567 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC. V3S 9A4



Menu Highlights
Noodle soup with eye steakNoodle soup with chicken meat
Noodle soup with eye steakThich vermicelli with well-done flank, fried pork ham and chicken balls
Noodle soup with eye steakCombination of salad roll, fried roll and grill minced pork roll
Noodle soup with eye steakPork Vietnamese ham sandwich
Noodle soup with eye steakTwo sunny-side-up with grilled lemon grass (chicken/pork chops/ pork slides)