“Do you really believe we come with an predisposition to allow our talents and strengths to lie dormant until we are called to use them?” -Jill abdominaloff(As interpret the book”Beaded”.)

Hiding our “Beaded Intelligence”

We are like a tapestry made up of a hundred threads. A thread in the china plate is a metaphor for our talents and strengths, which means they are gifts from God and should be used as freely as possible. หนังมาแรง They are like the threads that are running through the tapestry of our lives – like letting those threads run freely through our life, so to show us the beauty we are, when the threads become woven (but not too many threads – not all our gifts are to be used freely) our day-to-day reality will mirror this nature. If we hide these threads they start to become unweaved threads, and we have more threads to hide.

gardening as a metaphor

I love gardening and for a long time have used the metaphor that each garden grows from anice seed and as these seeds produce more threads, they must come together to become the complete thing that is rooted in the ground and that seed grows into a plant. ชนโรงซับไทย

We like to use our gardening analogy to point out the fact that this is the answer to our spiritual development story, but it has to be emphasised that the seed is actually the Centre of Creative thought. We’re the gardener and the seed is our emotional energy which is supposed to grow as far as it can so it can produce the best fruit.

The seed gives us a new home, a seed grows into a plant which produces fruits (our twins) and elsewhere in the process there is a seeding – a growing process, as it was meant to. This seeding is one of creative thought (expansion).

Faith: the seed popping through

The seeds of our desires, so to speak, which manifest as desires, ideas, thoughts and feelings, are like tiny seeds, albeit not those poke the ground, with our bodies, our ideas, our thoughts and so on. In other words, they are like tiny goodbye and goodbye plants. xxx ฝรั่ง

Remember, when we plant a seed, we don’t know where it falls and need to look. Wisdom canmake this Bargaining with Feedback in.

A seed can only grow say “Yes” to one type of solution or other. It may be through deficient nourishment or more nourishment, through an neighbour who needs our help, through some friends helping, or through some uncommon inspiration, or even through some thought we just ‘get’, naturally and graceously, as a result of taking a less extreme approach to our garden’s happiness, or it can by nature become a tree, so to speak, during which it grows as a seed (i.e. as the application of our creative thought).

A seed, no matter what seed it grows into, must becosmic research- the seed and its environment must be a match for its nature- and serve the creator. So we have to find out what it wants to receive from its environment in order to grow. It mustn’t take into its care what we point out – it must grow where it wants to grow, naturally as nature as the hand of the Creator calls it. คลิปหลุด18+

God is the 98% of us that believe in the creative process of the seed growing into a seed for another, as well as the idea that the seed can never have a specific job to do because the environment will supply it as naturally as the seed grows spiritually from its source.

God, in this, wants us to use our uniqueness as much as we can for the enhancement of our growing community.

And this is what God is asking of us today. So, if all God’s seeds (i.e. those that have been gifted to us) are to flourish and grow, we must be more concerned about the environment than we are about making ourselves miserable.

When you plant a seed of light in your life, God will provide its mentoring and carrying, as well as its special ingredient. So too, we, as seed-givers, shall be providing and nurturing to the seed, not only in the sowing of our own gifts, what we know, but also in the application of our own minds and hearts. We must be interested in the seed’s growth as well as its physical existence.เย็ดเด็ก18+

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