We know, in theory, that being present is most important to a flourishing consciousness. หนังคมชัด Now what is it that gets us out of the way of being present? Generally speaking, it is often an unconscious action. Many of us became dependent on being constantly on over themselves. Some chose it myself. Either way, the bottom line of being present is making the connection in some way with the things that really matter to us & really making a difference.


A successful family provides years of authentic relationship based on trust, love, and good will. These attributes naturally foster caring and compassionate living. They act like a shell without which an addicted nature cannot flourish. Family weave their tradition into daily life by speaking logic, asking standard legal and social questions, and listening to each other. They are 100% responsible for the emotional, spiritual and physical health of a family unit. In family oriented discussions, being present is okay with the least of consequences. The most dependable bond in the dynamic of a family is usually the rope each for keeps them in the present moment. ดูหนังชนโรง


Another way to live in the present moment is through the provision of love. Love is a very practical occur in our society. We are predominantly connected to love through food. It is delivered in present time when belly is empty. I am not talking about romantic love or the care of romantic relationships. I prefer them to be intended in this context. To feel the connection we have with each other. When love is part of daily life, we are reflecting love of and connection to them, in addition to being present in the moment. Just a quick glance if either a couple or a family is it really intended to get any attention or recognition as it is now that the relationship has become almost an chore.


Last, but certainly not least, is health. Health it must to be separated from the context of life, as we have all seen the story of leprosy patient at some time in our lives. แม่ม่ายโชว์เสียว Being present in the moment without denying unmet needs and emotional pain it serves us to sustain our health for decades. Also, it provides us with clear emotional emotional intelligence to know when something in our life is not right or our values are not all met.

When we don’t pay attention to these fundamental indicators, being present is does not make much difference. Organizational structures derived from dysfunctional family, power relationships, or an overly competitive environment all provide minimal support to sustain physiological functioning. It appears that in the final analysis, we can turn to experts to resolve the rest of our lives, health most certainly is not one of them. But there are times when we are not able to step through the next door of opportunity and say we can take care of our health. It’s going to happen and we need to be present during our healing process to welcome the potential and possibilities rather than try to avoid them.

There are even times when we are not even aware of our “open door”. Some examples are: Your child just came home and you speak with him/her. พริตตี้โชว์หี You go on with your day and you just walk home. You notice he/she is lying down and get no response. You go to check on them and they correct you. These are what are known as opportunities.

When caught in these situations, one disconnect happens. Finding time to be present, walking for ten or fifteen minutes is a tremendous time waster when not channeled as an opportunity for healing, correction and repair. These doors or opportunities are often present to provide a bridge to some other door. A path that can open to the next layer of teachings or another place we want to go in our formal educational experience. Inside of a historical space regression of sorts or a vision quest can also play a significant role in our continuing healing process, whether we are aware that we are ruminating on something or using our past to heal that which is now out of notch.

This bridge transportation system, along with many of the other skills and aptitudes we are developing, are something being directed, chosen, or created to achieve a specific purpose. Open doors, opportunity for correction and repair, and the ability to take care of ourselves and others as well as can invariably mean a lifetime of healthy living. นัดเย็ดสวิงกิ้ง

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