The first commandment of the Jehovah. ดูหนังออนไลน์ฟรี

We do not let the devil fill our minds for lack of faith but we let our minds give the devil the Sheltered low, our concentration allows him the Dwelling place.

What I’m talking about is the shifting and tipping of energy within the mind and body of an individual inviting a state of trance. Our shift in alignment starts vibrating the decision to give the focus of that energy to where we use it the most.หนังยอดฮิต

So as you begin to pay attention to those reversals within yourself, dimensions and levels, your greatest enemy, the devil has set up shop within your mind, body, aura and chakra system. And he is going weakened by the fact that you are becoming more aligned. In otherwords, your lower energy vibrations are attracting to you the true energies that reduce the level of commitment to the things that strengthen your faith. This is a case of resolving to change… หนังโป้เกย์ changing the level of how you see your environment and you will see that environment change to what you truly desire and also your outside world will change to what you expect.

For example, poverty might be a reality to you, but personal wealth is what you want to experience while you are here vibrationally in this realm.Then there is the degree that people are unable to make choices in their lives, from thinking that they know it all to feeling that there is nothing that can be done…all this being a direct result of the dimensional depressing thoughts and energy levels of the lower orders such as those passing off as having no personal value, that you have assigned in the imagination as a lower order. สาวหีสวย

So in actuality all lower orders of human energy are not negative or else they would not be in opposition to the degree to which higher orders are negative. Lower orders are here to learn, to expand, to develop the earth dimension that we inhabit and it requires a degree of energy, time and commitment on the receiving end. Nothing is to be gained by being pessimistic and negative, there are no losers at all in this category, anytime that you try to pacify feelings of negativity from the lower levels you are defeating yourself by accepting the acceptance of those feelings and being dependent on them, which equates to welcoming them instead of resistance.

God created higher and lower energy to expand the universe, lower energy to possibly attract lower order problems. So in the end every challenge we face is to make us who we are as human beings then as spirits in accordance with our capacity to expand and evolve our way through life.

Life is very difficult…we all know that. The key is to find solutions to problems when they persist, that is to say when you feel like you cannot do anything to solve the problem anymore. This is where your energy needs to be directed… when you feel that you cannot possibly come up with a solution and you are struggling, that is a time when you must direct your forces to move forward, when you don’t have to take time to direct that energy, you can shift it to a higher order, by using that higher order to lift that burden. When you feel sluggish on a certain issue, that’s a good opportunity, a chance to turn higher and not just sink lower…where you want to be.

Once you have dealt with any anxiety or excessive worry, you need to elevate the vibration in your body and mind. In the end, you will find that your fears, worries or anxieties about a certain issue have diminished by the day. As time goes on you will find yourself empowered to act on a higher level, to resolve the problem at hand, in no time you will be tuned in “I can” not “I can’t” and you will not miss a darn thing, you will find yourself charged with the power to change anything, to take a stand and to reach your personal happiness in life and in real relationships and your body’s energy system, then you will be in harmony and you will be creating you will experience peace in your life, by changing the patterns of your thoughts or by moving on to the next aspect of the issue. เย็ดท่ายาก

Remember that life is what you make it, as you overcome challenges and encounter difficulties, you then come to make decisions. When these circumstances show up in your life, as part of your journey, as part of your development, it happens because your soul gets fed up, one of its strongest characteristics, its power of creation, it creates situations in your life that coincide with your personal growth and development while you stay in the error state of the ego. These situations work to strengthen your soul and your feelings of happiness and peace.

There are higher powers that manifest and create certain things in the universe which we cannot explain and they are beyond our comprehension.

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