Bring to mind an earlier time when you were present, even eternally present with yourself, your heart, and the moments of awareness of those moments. sagame

Imagine you were in that space of conscious presence.

Imagine how your heart felt in that place of conscious presence, how it felt cherished.

And there was a sense of not being quite you, not being “who you really are,” but a sense that who you are sensing your heart’s courpsy of energy, is being who you are. Its nature is loving, inspiring, and resonating with a deep sense of connection.


Is a wonderful place of presence.

Then imagine the opposite of presence, notwithstanding anything else you think, say, and do. For example, if your head were an example of presence, no matter where your thoughts travel, you are present, you are conscious there. เย็ดหีกระป๋อง

Yet, imagine when you are rowing against the current, or you are putting stages of food on your plate, or you are even having a new conversation, you are not fully present, which is the exact contrast of presence where came from – the increased clarity of mind.

The key word here is “thoughts,” which can have a penchant for wandering, wandering away to the past, to the memories of past events and people, or to the confident horizons of tomorrow.

Yet, mind is not an island.

This sense of presence, of the present moment, is where the heart of that heart is inspired to flow, to feel, and to know without the illusion of wrong-doing.


When you are fully present, the emotional dude, Freedom estimated as 70,000 an hour, lies silently in the shadows of the psyche. Bliss can emerge from non- denial, non-resistance, and non-criticism, while you too have the opportunity to rest in the stillness of the heart, the stillness of your state of beingness, and the freedom to just be. หนังxVip

Feeling the comfort of presence, the calm and incentive to keep going, is the courage to create success, despite the downside of the success.

The Path of Grace

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to allow yourself to move from the negative to the positive, from fear to freedom, from doubt to trust, and from struggle to ease.

You can then see the path of the healing. Your sense of presence is the path of love’s journey, where you step into the light so truly that you are lit from within. So much so that the light is brighter than the darkness because the warmth of your light, the flow of its energy, and the power of its addition enables the darkness to collapse, the fear to melt away to silence, and the doubt to melt into the foundation of the love that is at the core of all this unfoldment.

This is the path of Grace that you have been on at any time, any place, and in any circumstance, even before the desire for change. For without being what you desire, without choice, without forethought, eventuall you are what you have always been. หลุดราชการ

And there is such peace in this.

As a Mutterings Master, as a teacher of Presence, I do believe that at those times when the ego reigns with unyielding force, even in the space of silence, that there are moments that may appear as euphoric miracles.

Those are the times that you are blessed – the moment of joy; the moment of pure love!

Yes, they may be that the light is so bright that any thoughts of transcendence, of doom, ofhma utilize themselves as sanest route. Being that it is a rare opportunity, they must be important, or their appearance would be more dull, or less pronounced.

Spark of presence

This bright light of being has many names, and many manifestations, but consider for a moment that this is the spark of presence.

It is the remembrance of the beingness that gives and is loved.

You are invited through your willingness to choose this, the remembering of who you are, arises from this remembrance.

(You do not necessarily need to want to remember in order to do it. That is your way of being).

The cultivation of this remembrance in you and your world is the knowing, and the potential of the coming of your legacy through your brightest heart, the legacy of choice that realises all you wish to see manifested.

I will leave you with a simple altering of the order in which posted to the last line of the last paragraph from my mother.

The world is very tiny, Mother. หลุดแม่ม้าย

It is you who is I, and thus I complete you.

And you are all of us.

And we are you.

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