Driving a car may be as easy as ‘one, two, three’, but ‘Safely’ Driving a vehicle is another issue. The most common tip that anyone would receive about safety in driving is never to drink or take alcohol before driving a vehicle. ดูหนังออนไลน์ฟรี This is to ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers and the other motorists on the road. Aside from keeping away from the influence of alcohol, there sure are a lot more things to be given attention in order to drive safely. Enumerating all of those safe driving tips will probably make an entire book but here are some of them.

Road Details

Sharing the Road with other cars

In snow covered roads

Extreme weather conditions

Keep your hands on the steering wheel and if you need to talk to anyone else in the car, as much as possible your eyes must still be fixed on the road. Attending to road details is a very important habit to keep in driving. หนังยอดฮิต

If possible, save your cell phone use when you are not driving or if this cannot be helped, utilize a head set or hands free gadget.

Seat-belts are invented and provided in the car for people who wear safety belt while driving.

If there are kids in the car, have them seat properly and use appropriate seat-belts. Kids are generally overlooked by car drivers but their lives are in their own hands.

Make use of headlights even at daytime, if you wish to be more noticeable on the road especially on two-lane highways or roads.

Most importantly, when driving, let other drivers know of your presence. Be careful and responsible when you are on the road. As mentioned earlier, safe driving starts with you – the driver. หนังโป้เกย์

If you are having car troubles, like flat tires, get help on the move if you need it.

It is always better to be safe than be sorry and just fix the problem.

Now when you have been given the driving license you will be able to drive but make sure you also follow the simple driving rules and laws already mentioned. If you have no concept of driving, then ask a friend or take a driver’s education class.

If you feel that you are lacking confidence as a driver or are just not confident enough, then ask your friends or your family member to take you to local driving school. สาวหีสวย

As much as possible, allow yourself to drive with a friend so that you can learn more confidence in your driving skills and also so that you will be prepared in case you ever need to drive.

Be aware that once you are on the road and merged with traffic you need to concentrate 100% and drive with attention.

Make use of every possible distraction- Including mirrors- On the highway or freeway.

As much as possible, always follow the speed limit. The speed limit is imposed to keep traffic flowing smoothly and with minimal incidents.

Believe in ‘Safety First”. Never try to be impulsive in any way. Especially when it involves your own life.

Prevent unnecessary accidents by teaching your child well learnt driving skills such as ‘Drive in Sync’.

We are not suggesting you should never drink or smoke in your vehicle. But it is advised that you should not drive when you have under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

prolong your presence in the car by switching off your mobile Whilst driving.

Wear your seat belt. It is your piece of armoury that will help protect you and the passengers Whenever you are driving.

Conducting your regular check up schedule for your vehicle is very important. You should be aware of all present and future requirements for your vehicle such as brakes, tyre pressure etc.

Get into a routine of changing the oil and check all the lights. You can either do this yourself or take the vehicle to a service garage for the purpose.

Get a test drive from your favourite site – why not plan your route first before looking for a vehicle?

Check the paperwork of the car. If it is almost new, then its documents must be checked carefully such as warranty, met service plan, past mileage, maintenance records, mileage, title etc. The price of the vehicle should be reduced if the documents are not in order.

When planning to buy a particular car, make sure the auto dealer is reputable and not a competitor. เย็ดท่ายาก Give you best price and make sure the dealer follows all the rules. It is good to get it from the auto dealer in your area for better deals.

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