Education is a subject that brings joy to every heart. หนังใหม่ It gives us the ability to consider our lives and the people around us with the help of education. Because of this, I have started frequent revisions of my writings on education on my blog, plus many other topics, to help my readers.

Many people ask why do I do this? First of all, I can help people. secondly, I can also help myself. There are people who are having a hard time coping with their studies and nobody can help them. I have been handling these types of people for a long time and have noticed that the more education blogs, the more I have helped other people.

For example, I see people who have failing exams and are trying to do their homework or prepare for a test. They always Post to a tombstone on my wall. The next thing you know they are having a panic attack and tips over the wall. Like someone who cannot talk to you. It is hard to hold a person when they are like that. หนังยอดฮิต

Then there are others who Post to gain confidence, help others or fight with confidence. Granted, with the pressure of proving themselves to everyone, sometimes these are uplifting. But that is sometimes took away from the sanctity of the learning process.

Blogging has really helped me keep my blog posts when I have hit the third level of hell. I have actually coined a term called “generation gaps” which ties to the way the new generation (blue states) and the previous generation (red states). Since the right to education was won by the fight of the generations, it must be redefined now for today’s generation. หลุดนายแบบ

I want to define the generation gaps now:

  • Never in history should education have been based on “comes and goes”.
  • We can not accept a cookie cutters approach to education.
  • We need to look at what is it we want education to be used for: to give real education, or to get people to come out of their comfort zone.
  • We need to look at how the current education curriculum is not up to the challenge.
  • We need to look at how the current education structure affects not only the students, but the educators, as well.
  • We need to work together to define the future of education, that will hold people in common and build from there.

I think we all know that education can not be about cookie cutters anymore. Thats why we have held onto the idea of year after year of revision. But I think its time to look at what we want education to be used for. Below are my ideas. สาวหีสวย

Education for Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a rather ambitious idea that goes beyond the trade-off between growth and environmental sustainability. I believe this concept can help us toolen our planet in such a way that nature will be able to flourish again.

One of the great challenges for human survival is to find sustainable sources of food and fiber. If we can figure out how to grow enough food to meet the demands of the growing population, the carbon footprint of the nations will go down.

Similarly, if we can figure out how to purify water once it is used for drinking and agriculture, the health of the nations will improve rapidly.

Modern inventions can help narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, but it won’t be until people really start caring for each other that we will see the change.

The most recent addition to the long list of modern inventions is the internet. If the internet can be made into a sustainable source of knowledge, the power of the internet will be run in a different way.

By recycling ideas and turning waste into farmable materials and turning waste into a resource that can be used again, we can create a more sustainable future for all of us.

The internet is a valued communal resource in every culture and country. If we can figure out how to harness the internet to education for sustainable development, the benefits to an informed population will be tremendous.

Some of the ways that this could be done are by making the internet a source of knowledge rather than just another medium. As a source of knowledge, the internet is not just limited to just information and links. Through discussion, the internet is a great place for young people to hang out and have some fun with each other. In many ways, it is a rich socialcircumstitutionwhere children and young adults can meet and interact with each other and explore their lives and the lives of others. คลิปทางบ้าน

In many schools, libraries, and other learning institutions, access to the internet is forbidden.

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